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Jake Choi Joins CasperLabs as Managing Director for Korea

As a cross-functional operator and strategist, Jake will lead our multifaceted initiatives across Korea.


Korea’s meteoric growth over the past few decades have catapulted the nation onto the global stage, and the country’s technological sophistication and cultural influence are indisputably impressive. It’s a country that has established a sterling reputation across a broad spectrum of major industries, ranging from esports to high fashion, and shows no sign of abating. For all of these reasons and more, CasperLabs is expanding its presence in Korea, and we’re excited to announce that Jake Choi, who recently joined CasperLabs as Managing Director for South Korea, is now leading our multifaceted initiatives in the region.

As the former co-founder and CMO of Fantom Foundation, Jake has first-hand experience managing and scaling Layer 1 solutions, and his experience co-founding Digital Currency Holdings, Australia's first blockchain-focused investment advisory, provided him with an early foothold within the DeFi and NFT space and gave him broad exposure to the blockchain industry as a whole. Prior to entering the blockchain space, Jake started off in investment banking before making a name for himself in the world of private equity and hedge fund management. He previously served as a Venture Partner at Vestigium and a Partner at Everest Ventures Group, and his battle-tested experience as both an early-stage investor and founder make him uniquely suited for this role.

As Managing Director for Korea, Jake will oversee CasperLabs’ regional enterprise adoption initiatives from both a business development and operational standpoint. Jake’s bias towards action and familiarity with Korea’s business landscape will help him effectively tailor Casper’s core offerings to local market demands, and his extensive experience across the APAC region — ranging from Australia to Hong Kong — provide valuable context on the world’s most rapidly evolving region. We’re excited to further engage with inspired business leaders, community members, and developers across Korea, and we look forward to seeing Jake in action!

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