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BitGo to Build a Secure Custody Solution for the Casper Network

The partnership continues Casper’s commitment to facilitate a secure infrastructure for enterprise and developer adoption.

Medha Parlikar
Medha Parlikar

Today we are pleased to announce our partnership with BitGo for secure asset custody. The partnership continues Casper’s commitment to provide enterprises, developers, and users with the most secure custody solutions.

BitGo is the industry standard custody solution with $30B in assets under custody and an enterprise-friendly architecture. Founded in 2013, BitGo is the only digital asset company that has been focused exclusively on serving institutional clients. BitGo offers market leading trading, lending, and borrowing services through its prime brokerage services and supports more than 300 digital assets within its platform. BitGo is also the security and operational backbone for more than 400 institutional digital asset market participants in 50 countries, including many of the world’s top cryptocurrency exchanges and platforms.  

Both Casper and BitGo understand the specific and advanced needs for enterprises, and this partnership will ensure security best practices on Casper from day one. The partnership comes just about a month after BitGo’s announcement of FARUM™, an offering that opens the doors to allow BitGo’s existing and future clients to actively monitor and manage public blockchain network risks, compliance, and security through an integrated solution.

“Since the concept was first introduced several years ago, Casper has been one of the most anticipated projects in the entire industry. Over the past several years, CasperLabs has brought together a team of world-class engineers that have developed an incredibly powerful layer one protocol that will help usher in the next era of blockchain adoption. We share Casper’s commitment to developing a purpose-built, secure infrastructure that will facilitate greater enterprise adoption.” Chen Fang, BitGo Chief Product Officer.

We’re excited for this partnership to accelerate the adoption of the Casper Network, and are looking forward to working with BitGo to build an enterprise-ready solution.

Learn more about BitGo by visiting their site and following them on Twitter.

Medha Parlikar

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