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BIGtoken Migrating Infrastructure to the Casper Network

The partnership will allow the opt-in data marketplace to have greater security and transparency, while enabling new use cases that weren’t previously possible.

Medha Parlikar
Medha Parlikar

Today we are pleased to announce our partnership with BIGtoken, the first privacy focused, opt-in data marketplace where people can own and monetize their data.

BIGtoken will migrate its infrastructure to the Casper Network to work with others more easily for new use cases, representing another enterprise-friendly expansion of Casper’s growing ecosystem. As BIGtoken’s community continues to grow, the Casper Network’s unique combination of high throughput, low gas fees and decentralized governance provide the premier solution for BIGtoken’s growth needs.

Through a transparent platform and consumer reward system, BIGtoken offers users choice, transparency, and compensation for their anonymized data. Participating consumers earn rewards, and advertisers and media companies get access to insights from compliant first-party data for marketing and media activation. BIGtoken already has over 9 million registered users, and its ecosystem includes 9 of the top 10 consumer goods advertisers in the U.S..

“Casper’s layer one protocol provides the ideal foundation for our decentralized data marketplace,” said BIGtoken CEO Lou Kerner. “Both Casper and BIGtoken are deeply committed to enabling users to own and monetize their own data in a decentralized environment. With millions of registered users already working with BIGtoken, we see the opportunity to quickly scale our operations on Casper, making our marketplace more accessible to more parties.”

Now that Casper is officially live on mainnet, we look forward to seeing how BIGtoken’s marketplace capitalizes on Casper’s robust security and transparency solutions to enable new use cases for owning and monetizing data.

Learn more about BIGtoken by visiting their site and following them on Twitter and their Crypto Twitter feed.

Medha Parlikar

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