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AMLSafe and CasperLabs Partner to Bring Secure, Non-Custodial Wallet to the Casper Network

The non-custodial crypto wallet will help businesses running transactions on the Casper Network satisfy key regulatory requirements.


Today CasperLabs is happy to announce a partnership with AMLSafe, the first non-custodial crypto wallet integrated with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) features and artificial intelligence-powered Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance, to give businesses running transactions on the Casper Network the ability to automatically satisfy AML and KYC requirements.

As the first proof-of-stake blockchain to accelerate enterprise adoption and introduce a new standard for energy efficiency, the Casper Network offers businesses a growing suite of helpful tools.

Unlike basic cryptocurrency wallets, which only offer users the ability to exchange, buy or sell, and send or receive crypto, AMLSafe has compliance support built in to offer enterprises AML and KYC compliance checks with every transaction. AMLSafe will give businesses a Hacken audited, non-custodial wallet option so that they don’t need to rely on keeping funds in centralized solutions or exchanges. AMLSafe is currently available to users in the United States, Europe, Brazil, Georgia, Indonesia, Ukraine, Russia, and South Africa.

“We are excited about a partnership with CasperLabs. This collaboration will bring strong value for both communities and businesses. AMLSafe was built to advocate for the necessity of having compliance and AML procedures in place to pursue mainstream adoption, which we feel resonates with the Casper Network’s ideology and values, a project pursuing a similar goal through enterprise adoption.” said AMLSafe Co-Founder Slava Demchuk.

As part of the partnership, in the coming months AMLSafe will also build an open-source React SDK for other wallets to integrate the CSPR token frictionlessly and with support, and make it possible for the Casper Network to be able to run on-chain AML analytics on all transactions with an AMLBot.

Learn more about AMLSafe at

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